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An Informational Approach to Stoicism

Stoicism is essentially a software fix to a hardware fact: humans tend to emphasize or experience negative thoughts more strongly by roughly a factor of 2. Daniel Kahneman’s research into what is now codified under the term “behavioral economics” has shown this to be the case. When confronted with loss, whether potential or actual, we react much more strongly than when faced with a gain of equal size.

Of course this makes perfect sense from an evolutionary, game-theoretical perspective. In order to be able to lose something, an organism must first have gained it through expenditure of a non-trivial amount of energy. If it were to give up easily on its “property”, conveniently defined here as “that which an organism defends”, it may very well not get another chance to acquire new food or mating partners, and consequently exit the gene pool and thus “the game” entirely. And since we

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The Stimulation Crisis and Psycho-spiritual Integrity

As biological creatures, and like any other animal, humans act within the laws of nature, and — specifically relevant here — the laws of thermodynamics. This constraint forces us to make the acquisition and preservation of energy, mainly in the form of nutrition, our number one priority — for those who wish to live, that is. As a natural consequence of this imperative, humans constantly try to limit the amount of energy they expend and look for opportunities to acquire energy at lowest possible cost.

Every day we encounter complexity in the world around us that we intuit would require considerable effort to understand sufficiently for acting purposefully and increasingly successfully within. But, due to our current environment’s cues and assumptions in addition to our personal neurology’s inadequacy as a consequence of our upbringing, we rarely initiate steps toward an actual buildup of

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Personal Productivity

Three weeks ago I wrote an introductory article to the Theory of Science, explaining how I view the subject and what context it has in my mind. In that article I also alluded to a recent surge in personal productivity, which prompted a few people to ask for more details as to the factors contributing to it. So here they are!

Please keep in mind that these things work differently for everybody, and apply your own judgment as to their utility in, and applicability to, your own work and life.

The compressed list of factors:

– A somewhat fixed daily routine (more detail to follow), kept basically consistent even on off-days
– Practicing a breathing technique: 4 seconds in (nose), 6 seconds out (mouth)
Limiting the use of my mobile phone to the lunch break (first check) and evening before dinner
Walk fully upright and stretch throughout the day
Learning about E-Prime, a modified

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Hello, Universe (I may disturb you)

So I just moved my website from an old, ugly Wordpress template to this slick SVBTLE blogging network.

Expect more content soon.

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