The Stimulation Crisis and Psycho-spiritual Integrity

As biological creatures, and like any other animal, humans act within the laws of nature, and — specifically relevant here — the laws of thermodynamics. This constraint forces us to make the acquisition and preservation of energy, mainly in the form of nutrition, our number one priority — for those who wish to live, that is. As a natural consequence of this imperative, humans constantly try to limit the amount of energy they expend and look for opportunities to acquire energy at lowest possible cost.

Every day we encounter complexity in the world around us that we intuit would require considerable effort to understand sufficiently for acting purposefully and increasingly successfully within. But, due to our current environment’s cues and assumptions in addition to our personal neurology’s inadequacy as a consequence of our upbringing, we rarely initiate steps toward an actual buildup of the mental, physical, and neuromuscular strength required to resist the oversupply of stimulation present in our environment. As a consequence only very few of us ever separate our decision-making process from external circumstance, and when we do we rarely succeed in maintaining our commitment and discipline beyond those first few steps spurred on by a moment’s inspiration. Only those who do, truly own their lives and persist in their hard-won sovereignty.

Personal strength, then, or ‘power’, comes from the ability to suffer the cost and consequence of purposeful action sustained over time. The more one is willing to pay, the more one can solve their (urgent) problems, the quicker one ascends through the hierarchy of needs, the greater one’s ability to adapt oneself and one’s environment and its contents becomes, the sooner one attains maturity (‘adulthood’) and becomes a source of signals for others to emulate – all of which endangers holders of power since their subjects no longer respond to the stimuli of the official and established channels of information distribution.

Every society on the planet has classes that divide the population along lines of race, ability, preferred method of coercion, neurological makeup and cognitive modes, intelligence, genetics, beauty, and others. Every society has upper and lower classes, and only some have middle classes of any meaningful size. Western societies have for the greater part of their existence had aristocracy; Northern America rejected formal aristocracy and instead, because it disavowed and avoided the concept of aristocracy, it embraced completely and unapologetically the technologically-enabled celebrity caste in its place, and holding them high as paragons of virtue – archetypes larger than life and worthy of emulation by all.

Watching Bojack Horseman an aware and educated person cannot help but notice how all the staples of modern American culture act together in deep, disturbing harmony to ensure that all but the most healthy of individuals resign themselves to a life of other-directedness, filled with sadness, devoid of meaning, longing for the next distraction from it all. Someone more inclined to revel in conspiratorial narratives might get the idea that because this machinery of infantilization operates so perfectly it must have been created by somebody or several somebodies with malicious intent, and must currently be directed by such people in furtherance of their agenda. But as far I can tell, although

– it is clear that the education system came into existence as a creation of German and British nobility intending to produce a compliant citizenry sufficiently able to participate in the production of wealth yet insufficiently self-directed to bargain for and claim proportionate rewards, or opt out entirely to create their own system, and
– while we understand that over the course of the American era, beginning with the end of the first world war, a great many groups and individual actors have profited from and had an interest in sustaining a culture of stupendous optimism (‘utopianism’), conspicuous consumption, as well as perpetuating a vicious cycle of virtue signaling in response to forced diversity and artificially accelerated integration between groups with incompatible value systems, in addition to a system of government that systematically and irredeemably encourages all of the above,

the brutal and somewhat disappointing truth is that neither god nor the government control the show – or anyone else for that matter. Indeed, contrary to popular belief and unlike what propaganda from the ‘counterculture’ movements claims to be the case, it is the lack of authority, or more accurately sovereignty at all levels, that is the problem.

While this is not the place to explain the horrendous nature and decivilizing force of majoritarian rule in general, it bears mentioning that our current forms of democratic government specifically exert an especially destructive influence on the health of a functioning civic society that once existed everywhere but now lies dead in the ditch dug by the equalitarian doctrine embodied by all current generation institutions: government, church, corporation, academy, school, and military.

The Canadian bill C-16 was proposed earlier this year and just this week became official legislation at the federal level. While its proponents and sponsors claim its moral imperative as self-evident in protecting disadvantaged and vulnerable minority groups such as transgender people, what caught my attention in the kerfuffle surrounding it was an opponent to the thing by the name of Jordan B. Peterson. As a clinical psychologist and a professor of self-same subject at the University of Toronto, this “Straight White Man” (SWM) dared to voice his dissent publicly, basing it on a principled objection to the criminalization of refusal to use a person’s preferred pronouns, which would hold even in cases of accidental misuse and send an “offender” to prison regardless of their intent. Furthermore it would replace “innocent until proven guilty” with the heinous legal doctrine of “preponderance of evidence”, effectively lowering the standards for conviction of hate speech offenders.

While a subject worth its own discussion, I want to highlight and discuss what actually caught, and held, my attention here: the connection between psycho-spiritual integrity and the prevention of totalitarianism, and the essential and irreplaceable role the first plays in the achievement of the latter. Having studied this exact subject for the better part of four decades, Peterson is a credible voice when he speaks out on the problems with a piece of legislation that, though it seems harmless, may actually represent another big step into the direction of a totalitarian society where only one way of speaking, and thus thinking, is permitted.


This makes impossible what Peterson claims is one of the cornerstones of free and just societies: honest men and women drawing upon their personal experience and articulating their thoughts to synthesize their personal truth by integrating their thoughts and actions, rendering them beacons of light for others to emulate.

And if there is one thing that enemies of Western civilization hate, it’s people that don’t betray their principles when threatened – people with integrity.


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