Personal Productivity

Three weeks ago I wrote an introductory article to the Theory of Science, explaining how I view the subject and what context it has in my mind. In that article I also alluded to a recent surge in personal productivity, which prompted a few people to ask for more details as to the factors contributing to it. So here they are!

Please keep in mind that these things work differently for everybody, and apply your own judgment as to their utility in, and applicability to, your own work and life.

The compressed list of factors:

– A somewhat fixed daily routine (more detail to follow), kept basically consistent even on off-days
– Practicing a breathing technique: 4 seconds in (nose), 6 seconds out (mouth)
Limiting the use of my mobile phone to the lunch break (first check) and evening before dinner
Walk fully upright and stretch throughout the day
Learning about E-Prime, a modified version of the English language that disallows all forms and derivatives of the verb “to be” (e.g. “was”, “is”, “been”, “am”, etc.), and integrating it into my thoughts as well as my written and spoken word, as well as increasing my personal awareness of other people using “to be” and its derivative forms
– Understanding and practicing operational thinking has allowed me to write my thoughts down much more easily and succinctly, thereby unleashing my creativity and consequently dramatically increasing my intellectual and work-related output

In the following two videos I go into further detail with respect to my daily routine and the techniques I use to increase my productivity and enhance my decision-making throughout the day.

My Daily Routine

Random Productivity Tips


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